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Wie we work...

In 2018, the current premises in Kirschau on Friesestrasse were occupied. There, in a former metalworking shop, our new carpentry workshop was set up with the help of workshop planners.
When planning the facility, every process and every activity was checked and taken into account. An important aspect was also the ergonomics, so it was important for us to remain completely at ground level and to avoid physically demanding work as far as possible.
Now we can work ideally on 1,600m² and with the latest machines.

M 2.0 (29 von 149).jpg
M 2.0 (25 von 149).jpg

The heart of our production is our nesting CNC with the beautiful name "Schreiner's dream". This is a large-bed CNC that can process entire material panels measuring up to 4 x 2 m.

Right next to it is our edge banding machine, where we can glue edge material using the latest methods. Our edge bands are glued on with PUR adhesive as standard. This process provides the strongest and most durable glueline that is also waterproof. If it is visually particularly demanding, we can also process the so-called "laser edge" in order to achieve a "zero joint". The edge material is "welded" directly to the material.

M 3.0 (48 von 109).jpg
M 3.0 (16 von 109).jpg

Furthermore, of course, the standard machines such as circular saws, table milling machines and planing machines are still used.
Are you interested in our production? Get in touch with us and we can make an appointment for a small visit.

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